Organic granular fertilizer enriched with sheep's wool for tomato and fruit vegetables 750 g

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The organic compo fertilizer based on sheep's wool is the iideal for tomatoes and fruit horticultural plants. It guarantees up to 5 months of nutrition with a single fertilization. It retains water and helps plants cope better with dry spells.


Helps to:

  • Grow healthy and lush plants.
  • Get healthy and tasty fruits.
  • Promote the formation of fertile humus.
  • Form a partial reserve of water gradually available to the plant in times of drought.

Allowed in biological agriculture.


  • Distribute the fertilizer in the form of pellets at the base of the plants.
  • Incorporate the fertilizer by working the soil superficially (3-4 cm deep).
  • After each application, irrigate the soil sufficiently.


Tomato 170
Cucumber 160
Melon 140
Zucchini, Pumpkin 160
Eggplant, Pepper 100



1 heaped cooking spoon * = approx.15 g
1 handful = about 40g
1 jar * of yogurt 200 ml = 120 g

* wash after use