Bluing granular fertilizer for hydrangeas 800 g

SKU: 50002179

Compo bluing for hydrangeas is a product based on aluminum, iron and microelements. IS ideal for making hydrangeas, originally pink or red, of an intense and bright blue color and preventing leaf yellowing. Other important mineral salts promote healthy growth and luxuriant flowering of plants.


  • From bud to flowering (between March and April) apply the indicated dose once every 14 days.
  • During flowering, apply the dose once a month
  • After flowering until October apply the indicated dose every 14 days
  • Do not apply during the winter
  • Do not exceed 10 applications per year
  • Do not use COMPO Azzurrante for Hydrangeas together with fertilization, fertilize 4 days before or 4 days after its application


Ground plants:

  • Dilute 10 g in 2 liters of water per plant and water on already moist soil.
  • Or, after having moistened the soil, distribute 10 g at the base of each plant and water abundantly.

Potted plants:

Moisten the earth in the pot first. Dilute 10 g in 2 liters of water and water.