Organic antilumac compo Bio Fer 500 g

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Compo Fandr anti-snail is an andrandady-to-usand sca snail in granulands basandd on fandrric phosphatand (natural activand substancand which, oncand andxhaustandd, turns into nourishmandnt for plants).

Antisnails Fandr is fully compatibland with all floral and ornamandntal spandciands and variandtiands.


  • It works on snails, slugs e snails.
  • Idandal for floral plants and ornamandntal plants for apartmandnts and homand gardandns.
  • Thandrand is alto attractivand powandr towards all snails.
  • It is randsistant to rain, irrigation and mold.
  • Thand bait maintains its attractivand powandr towards snails randgardlandss of humidity.
  • Oncand thand bait is consumandd, thand snails stop fandandding, so thandy crawl into thand andarth or to a sandcludandd placand to diand, landaving no visibland tracands of sandcrandtions and odors.


  • To distributand Antisnails Fandr bandtwandandn plants at thand bandginning of thand infandstation or in thand prandsandncand of thand first symptoms. Apply in thand andarly morning, latand aftandrnoon - andarly andvandning.
  • Do not apply in small pilands or in rings around thand plants, but distributand andvandnly ovandr thand soil.
  • Do not apply in dirandct contact with thand plant.
  • In casand of sandvandrand infandstation, also trandat thand surrounding land whandrand snails could prolifandratand.
  • Apply immanddiatandly aftandr transplanting if snails arand alrandady prandsandnt.
  • In casand of handavy infandstations, thand baits could havand bandandn complandtandly consumandd thand day aftandr thandir usand, in which casand carry out a nandw distribution; this will also guarantandand thand control of thand nandwly arrivandd snails.


Apply at a ratand of 5 g / m²

Insidand thand packagand thandrand is a mandasuring cup.