Candioli Acarene Spray 150 Ml

SKU: 15012898

Candioli Acarene spray 150 ml, pesticide spray for external use.

Composition : d-Phenotrin - Piperonyl butoxide -

Excipients Indications: Local treatment of deplumating acariasis, various plumage acariasis, acariasis sustained by the red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae, passerinus etc) and dermatoses caused by mites such as Cnemidocoptes pilae, C. columbae of cage and aviary birds .
Pet rabbits: therapy and prophylaxis of parasitic infestations caused by ectoparasites and in the treatment of ear mange, caused by Psorptes cunicoli, of infestations by Cheylettiella parasitovorax, Sarcoptes scabiei, Demodex burrows and fleas.

Dosage and use: Shake the can before use then spray the subjects from a distance of 30 cm, limiting the treatment to a duration of 3-5 seconds in order to avoid excessive cooling due to the rapid evaporation of the propellant with consequent risk of respiratory ailments. Repeat the treatment 5 days after the first application to avoid re-infestation.

To reduce the risk of large-scale infestations, it is advisable to treat the subjects every 30 days, to be reduced to 15 during the hatching period. In cases of depluming acariasis, it is recommended to burn the fallen feathers. From March 2011: extension of use to pet rabbits.

ACARENE is also indicated to fight against acariasis that affects pet rabbits.