Anti-mosquito Spray No Fly In-out 400ml

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Anti-mosquito Spray No Fly In-out 400ml, natural pyrethrum bottle
for SPRAY AUTODOSE IN-OUT dispenser.


  • Pyrethrum extract cylinder for IN-OUT SELF-DOSE SPRAY dispenser
  • Designed for the fight against mosquitoes, flies and flying insects
  • Thanks to the repellent power of Pyrethrum, it prevents re-infestation of environments

Mode of action:

The cylinder is operated with a dispenser SPRAY AUTODOSE IN OUT.


  • Pyrethrum extract (50%): 3.5 g
  • Piperonyl Butoxide: 14 g
  • Co-formulating from the propellant: q.b. from 100
  • Solvents: 18 g

The package contains:

  • 400 ml bottle