AMTRA Clinop Zeolith - Filter Materials 450gr

SKU: 10052066

AMTRA Clinop Zeolite, active matrix filter materials. x Made up of a mix of ingredients selected and mixed with the utmost care (sintered glass and ceramic, soil, trace elements including iron, sodium and calcium).
One liter of product has a useful surface for the settlement of aerobic microorganisms of about 200 square meters.
The special wording promotes the formation of electrostatic bonds with the organic component in suspension, favoring bacterial settlement.
The large surface area and high porosity make it the id substrateideal for promoting the decomposition processes of harmful nitrogen compounds (ammonia and nitrites) by nitrifying bacteria.


  • Water treatment
  • Natural Zeolite
  • Able to absorb ammonia or nitrates and phosphates
  • High ion exchange capacity