Allkrom color intensifier for hydrangeas 100 g

SKU: 10008721

Allkrom is a color intensifier for hydrangeas.
Excellent for intensifying the coloring of all blue, pink and white hydrangeas.
Its particular composition promotes development, promotes leaf greening preventing yellowing and increases the size of the flowers.
It also lowers the pH of the soil bringing it to ideal values for the growth of Hydrangeas. 


  • iron sulfate hepta
  • aluminum sulfate
  • potassium chloride.

How and when to use it:

It can be used from the first appearance of the flowers up to complete flowering. Dissolve the content of one measuring cup (3.5 g) for each liter of water. For potted plants with a diameter of 18-20 cm, use half a liter of solution; proportionally increase the dose for larger vessels. Repeat the application every week.

Packaging: from 100 grams.