80 L white Iseo aquarium

SKU: 10041975
Complete 84-liter Iseo aquarium with LED lighting system, biological filter and 100k heater and settling tank * included. Aquarium for beginners and experts.

Dimensions 81 x 31 x 47,5 cm
Capacity 80 lt
Glass  and 6 mm
Filter internal cascade with 450 l / h recycling pump
Lighting with 6 white LEDs of 8 Watt - 10000K
Heating 100W
Color white

* The filtration of aquariums is optimal thanks to the settling tank equipped with a drawer block in which 5 filtering masses are inserted:
- Iseo Foam Max: a first blue foam with a large mesh to retain coarse impurities.
- Iseo Foam Med: a second blue foam with medium mesh to stop fine impurities.
- Iseo BioCeram: a ceramic net to fix the bacteria necessary for biological balance.
- Iseo ActiCarb: a carbonated foam for chemical water purification.
- Iseo Foam Fine: a wadding for a final filtration that ensures clearer water.