Ekai 30 Zolux Pink Aquarium

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Ekai 12 liter pink aquarium by Zolux.

Glass aquarium, with hinged lid. The lid is equipped with an opening door for the introduction of the feed or for the positioning of an automatic feeder.

This aquarium is ideal for hosting goldfish, bettas and small fish. The water filter must always remain on. It is recommended to replace the carbon cartridge once a month and the sponge once every 2 months. The cover has the housing for the led lamp (lamp 311728 to be purchased separately).
By combining this aquarium with a heater, it is possible to house tropical fish.

Package Includes:

  • Acquarium
  • EKAÏ 200 filter 170 L / H adjustable
  • an EKAÏ sponge (Ref. 329230)
  • an EKAÏ carbon cartridge (Ref. 329231)
Dimensions 30x26,5hx15cm
Capacity (liters) 12 liters
Glass  and 3 mm
Filter EKAÏ 200 filter 170 L / H adjustable
Color rosa