The Magnolia

magnolia flower

Magnolia is a plant widely used to embellish gardens and terraces. Sumptuous, fragrant and spectacular early flowering! Impossible not to know it. In fact, Magnolia is one of the undisputed queens of the first spring blooms. Very common in parks and gardens throughout Europe, it is a privilege to be able to enjoy its flowering in profusion.
The flowers can be star-shaped or similar to large tulips and their color, depending on the variety, can be white, ivory, cream, red, burgundy, purple, magenta, pink or pinkish white ...
The plant grows considerably, but by choosing the right variety and with skilful pruning practices it can also be grown in less capacious spaces. It loves the sun or a partial shade, it loves fertile soils, rich in organic matter and is not at all delicate towards diseases. Few care and a lot of beauty for one of the most fascinating plants among those with March flowering.

Some varieties of Magnolia

There are more than 125 species of Magnolia, coming from East Asia and the East coast of the United States. Here are some very popular ones:

  • Magnolia "Susan": this Magnolia is among the varieties with the lowest growth and is therefore also suitable for gardens that are not excessively spacious. Its purple flowers are seen even at great distances. Flowering is a spectacular profusion that literally fills the branches with large flowers. Easy to care for, it grows without giving much effort, becoming one of the most beautiful protagonists of the garden.
  • Magnolia soulangiana: it is by far the most famous and popular flowering Magnolia. In March, its large and precious tulip-shaped flowers bloom creating real pink clouds that seem to float among the still leafless fronds. Fragrant and easy to grow, it embodies the true essence of spring, whose arrival it symbolizes. Few blooms come to this spectacularity. Unmissable and refined.
  • Magnolia stellata: many "stars" that bloom in a pinkish hue which then turns white with the continuation of flowering. Here is a highly prized variety of March-flowering Magnolia. The copious flowering takes place on the branches still devoid of vegetation and this enhances the scenographic effect even more. The delicate scent spreads in the air and it is really a pleasure to watch this show! The plant is easy to grow and will not cause any problems.


First name Magnolia
Family Magnoliaceae
Species more than 125 species
Original East Asia, United States
Type of plant Tree, deciduous or persistent flowering shrub
Height from 2 to 30 meters
Growth Slow
Maintenance Simple
Sun exposure Sun, half shade
Ground Deep, soft, rich, well drained
Flowering period From March to September, depending on the variety
Water need Average
Flower color White, pink in different shades