Giant African snails

giant African snail

Did you know that more and more people decide to adopt giant African snails as a pet ?!

Not only because they are very active and beautiful animals to look at while wandering around their display case, but also because they are extremely easy to breed and quite long-lived (average life 8 years).

Lissachatina fulica are snails native to East Africa but easily adapt to milder temperatures for this reason they are also considered invasive animals. For those who decide to take care of it, they will NEVER think of taking it and leaving it in the garden unattended, as if it were to escape it could cause innumerable damage in the environment in which it is found.

As these are precisely “giant” snails, they weigh up to 900g per 25cm in length. These particular animals can be housed in a glass or plastic case with a perforated lid that allows the passage of air. Peat or earth can be used as a substrate.


Their diet of the African giant snail consists mainly of green leafy vegetables which can be supplemented with fruits such as apples, pears, strawberries etc. It is important to provide them with a constant source of calcium for their shell, you can leave a cuttlefish bone available or sprinkle the vegetables with calcium powder.

Speaking of snails, the question arises: if I buy a snail, will I find myself invaded by many snails?

The answer is no. As they are complete hermaphroditic animals and to have fertile eggs, two specimens must necessarily mate.

Maintenance tips:

  • it is better to handle the snails with wet hands;
  • ideal temperature of the case 20-24 ° C;
  • always leave a small bowl with water available;
  • keep the terrarium moist by spraying it once a day;
  • provide snails with a refuge where they can hide.

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