The secrets for a perfect barbecue

Summer is not over, so let's make the most of the beautiful days with friends and family accompanied by appetizing BBQ dishes. The secrets for a perfect barbecue

Grills, roasts, fish, vegetables, even a great pizza, that's what you can cook with a barbecue. Choosing the right barbecue is of great importance, in order to get well-cooked food and not burned outside, not to smoke, so that those in charge of the kitchen can be able to sit at the table with friends. These goals are easily achieved with modern barbecues with a lid and indirect cooking system. The fixed or portable charcoal models, with direct cooking only, are less practical, suitable only for occasional grilling.

Even the foods must be chosen with care, each type of food requires a suitable cooking method to give the best results.

Where to place the barbecue

If it is in the garden, the barbecue should not be far from the house and the kitchen and if possible close to an electrical outlet and a water tap. If it is on a terrace or under a porch, make sure that the smoke from the food being cooked is able to drain correctly from the area. On the balcony, it is advisable to opt for the electric or gas models, these do not emit smoke. The barbecue should be placed on a large and flat surface, preferably paved and washable, sheltered from the wind. Cooking on the barbecue

The cooking methods

Both gas and charcoal models can cook with direct cooking (the heat comes from the grids or embers) or indirect (the heat from the grills or embers is diffused thanks to the lid which favors the homogeneous circulation of heat). Direct cooking is perfect for classic grilling and indirect cooking replaces the oven, for cooking large pieces of meat, pizzas or any other delicate food. Let's see in detail the two main types of cooking. Direct cooking on the barbecue

Classic grill with direct cooking

Direct cooking is the most used cooking method, better known as classic grilling. To carry out this type of cooking, the food must be placed on the grill in correspondence with the fire or embers. This is the fastest way to cook on the barbecue. It is used on foods that require less than 20 minutes of cooking. This way you can make beef steaks, poached, turkey breast, burgers, kebabs, vegetables and lots of appetizers. Indirect cooking on the barbecue

Grilled with indirect cooking

In this way the heat circulates inside the barbecue and around the food, cooking it slowly. This is the ideal method for longer cooks and large pieces of meat that will be cooked inside to just the right point without the outside being burnt. The temperature is also important, if you want to cook fatty food for example, the cooking temperature will have to be lower. With indirect cooking you can cook whole chicken, roasts, stuffed fish, cakes, bread, pizza and much more. Tips for a party evening

Tips for a party evening

Joy and relaxation under the stars? Do not miss suggestive lights, for example a wire with solar-powered LED lights, to create the right atmosphere together with candles and lanterns. The lights hanging from the trees make the garden a magical setting. Appetizers and salads are the stars of summer dinners. They are prepared first, they allow you to indulge yourself with ingredients and condiments. Alternatively, think of finger food and the inevitable, appetizing bruschetta.

The only rule for a perfect barbecue is to have fun while cooking!

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