How to choose the right garden furniture

At one time , outdoor furniture was considered secondary to that of the house. A few chairs were enough and it was done… Today the way of interpreting the outdoor space has changed.

The garden and terrace are seen as an integral part of the interior spaces, as fundamental elements for greater comfort and well-being, in every season.

In order to fully enjoy your green space, the right choice of garden furniture is essential, thus creating an environment where you can spend time surrounded by nature with family, friends or relax alone.

The choice is very large, and sometimes in order not to understand the difference between the materials and types, you risk buying a furniture that does not suit your needs.

In this guide we would try to help you better understand the differences between the types and materials of garden furniture.

First of all, understand your needs.

The evaluation must take into account maintenance: if they are to be stored away in winter, they should be foldable, stackable or quickly disassembled.

In choosing the types, it is to be taken into consideration even if the furniture is for porch or completely outdoor.

To be sure about the combinations and space available for the furniture, it is better to bring with you the measurements of the area to be set up and some photos. In completing the green space, do not neglect to take into consideration banal but indispensable elements, such as a place to hang clothes, a shed in which to place equipment or children's games.

The materials.

Today, technology has made important steps forward, and in the case of outdoor furniture, new materials and special treatments are able to offer many advantages combined with the absence of maintenance.

It is not necessary to spend a lot, but it is essential to opt for high quality products, the only ones able to guarantee long life without losing the qualities of comfort and beauty.


Teak has been used for centuries in the construction of outdoor artifacts, ship decks, furnishings and flooring, in all those places where strong resistance to water and salt is required, together with dimensional stability, impermeability and, not least, beauty.

In addition to teak, considered one of the best woods for outdoor furniture, there are also other exotic or European woods, in any case they must be properly treated, periodically, to increase resistance to humidity. Today, in the design of outdoor furniture, wood is often combined with fabrics, for chairs and armchairs, to increase comfort. By choosing high quality products there is the certainty of a very long life, taking care of a minimum of maintenance to preserve the beauty and solidity of the furnishings.


Aluminum is a metal that combines an important mechanical rigidity with a low weight and is therefore particularly suitable for the manufacture of outdoor furniture that will be light and easy to move.

This metal does not rust and its structure guarantees stability even in extreme circumstances, of particular atmospheric turbulence. The aluminum surfaces are resistant to acid substances such as vinegar, lemon or wine, which makes them ideal for the dining table. The gloss of the top remains unaltered even in contact with very hot dishes.

Modern coloring treatments are very resistant to bad weather and sun. Aluminum is also maintenance-free and can stay outdoors during the winter.

In the most current trend it is combined with teak or other exotic woods.