6 gift ideas for Valentine's Day

gift ideas for Valentine's Day

Lovers' day is just around the corner, a special day dedicated to those who want to show their love and affection to their sweetheart in a special way.

Every year it becomes more complicated to find a gift that is different, original and special. In reality we can demonstrate love in a thousand ways and not necessarily the gift has to be different every year. We thought we'd give you some ideas to help you find the perfect Valentine's Day gift .

1. Flowers give an emotion

If your sweetheart is romantic, they will surely enjoy receiving a floral gift . It may not be an innovative gift, but it is profound and there is nothing that surpasses the power of flower romance for Valentine's Day . Give the beauty and sophistication of a bouquet of roses or an orchid , the blue one is the ideal flower for him on Valentine's Day . If you want to give a touch of originality, add a candle, a soft toy or a jewel to the flower arrangement.

2. Preserved roses

Eternal roses really exist! The stabilized roses are real roses , they are closed in a transparent and very elegant package. These roses have a delicate scent and are a gift that will last forever . To give an extra touch, add a romantic and affectionate note to the package!

3. Scented candles and room fragrances

There are many fans of candles and fragrances for the environment. We certainly have a huge assortment. You can create a gift with different Yankee Candle candles , with an ultrasonic diffuser or with a beautiful catalytic lamp by Maison Berger accompanied by an enveloping fragrance that will create the right romantic atmosphere.

4. Salt lamps

The salt lamp is more than just a decoration. These lamps are made with rock salt crystals, which with its beneficial properties bring positivity and nature to the environment in which we live.

They act in two different ways:

  • through their ionizing effect, which helps to break down the harmful presence of ions in indoor environments;
  • through their light energy.

5. Give a Weber course to become a BBQ Chef

A Weber certified Grill Master will be with us on 01.05.2021 with two practical and theoretical courses .
During the course the secrets for a perfect barbecue will be revealed!
At the end of the BBQ course each student will receive an apron, a recipe book with the recipes of the course, and a Weber certificate. Don't you think it's an original gift for your Him?

6. A Weber barbecue

Do you have a grilling enthusiast at home and he doesn't own a Weber barbecue yet?
Weber is a brand of excellence in the world of barbecues. The choice is vast and the quality is the best! You can choose between gas barbecues, charcoal, electric or pellet barbecues.
In addition, Weber has tons of accessories, pizza stone, ceramic griddle, browning grill, books with exceptional recipes and a world of accessories to make your outdoor moments even tastier.

We hope we have given you some interesting ideas and gift ideas for Valentine's Day.

If you need more suggestions, come and visit us or visit the collection dedicated to Valentine's Day in our Online Shop .