6 Tips to better enjoy the summer with your Pet

6 tips to better enjoy the summer with your pet

When the summer heat arrives we get ready, we use sunscreen, we dress cooler, we eat lighter food and if we can take a nice dip in the pool to cool off. Even our animal friends need some changes to experience the summer in the best way without suffering from the heat. In this article we want to leave you some tips to enjoy the summer to the fullest with your little friend.

Fresh water

It is important that our pet always has water available. Change the water often when it's hot so it's more thirst-quenching for your friend. Have several bowls available around the house to entice your pet to drink more often. The fountains are especially recommended for cats who usually drink little, but it is also an excellent solution for dogs. You can also choose a refreshing bowl that keeps the water cool longer than the usual bowls.

Stay in the shade

Relaxing in the shade is what it takes on long summer days. Create a shady and breezy environment! You can use an umbrella, a sail or a mast… why not!

If you have a dog or cat you can try letting your pet lie down on a cooling mat. Alternatively, there are also mats or breathable summer kennels.

Cages for rabbits, hamsters or birds should be placed in a cool, shaded and airy place.

Aquariums also should never be exposed to direct sunlight, mainly in summer to avoid algae formation inside.

Choose relaxing activities

When it's hot outside, look for quiet activities. Take small walks in the cool, avoiding the paved roads that can get hot on summer days, often creating injuries to the pads of our dogs.

Avoid going out in the sun during the hottest hours, the ideal time for a walk is early in the morning or late afternoon.

Sunscreen can be useful for those who take the dog to the mountains or to the sea. Sunscreen is especially useful if the dog has light or short hair, mainly on the muzzle.

Our little friends also need freshness. If your dog likes to bathe, you will find the pools of the Garden Team line in our Pet department. Even rodents suffer from the heat, it can be pleasant to pass a cloth moistened with fresh water on the legs and ears. Attention, never use ice water. Instead, to cool the birds, you can put a bath in the cage for half an hour a day or spray them with a spray bottle.

Don't forget your pet

If you have to travel by car and want to bring your pet, never leave it alone in the car. A car, especially in summer, can turn into a red-hot oven in just a few minutes. If you have to go outside and can't bring your little friend, be sure to leave him in the shade in a ventilated place.

Protect the pet from external parasites

From spring to autumn parasites such as fleas and ticks are often found in nature, it is easy for them to come into contact with our animal during walks in the park or in the woods. These parasites not only itch, they can transmit very serious diseases. To ensure the protection of your Pet you can use specific collars or spot ons that you find in the flyer of the offers of our Pet store!

By following these little tricks, you will make the summer more peaceful for you and more enjoyable for your Pet!