Mami Milano Multi-purpose spray 500 ml Talc pampering

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Mami Milano Multi-purpose spray 500 ml Talc pampering.
The Essence MAMI Milan it is not simply a perfume, it is a special note that gives your laundry a touch of freshness that lasts for a long time.
Just a few drops of The Essence, by hand or in the washing machine, are enough to obtain a laundry that smells of refinement and elegance.

Format: 500 ml

Talcum pampering fragrance: A soft fragrance that pampers you. The freshness of Bergamot and White Flowers is enveloped in a triumph of talc notes. The heart of the fragrance is an intriguing composition of Ylang Ylang, Black Iris and Rosewood.

A special formula designed to calibrate the correct integrated action of 4 functions:

Formula designed to quickly eliminate daily dirt. It acts quickly, without the need to rinse, erasing stains, dust, fingerprints and leaving an appearance of brilliance.

Formula designed to sanitize surfaces, mechanically removing germs and bacteria. It's not a disinfectant.

Like all MAMI products of the ESSENZA line, it releases a pleasant scent for a long time and neutralizes bad odors.

The "calibrated" formula also allows an action aimed at removing the most stubborn dirt even on the most delicate surfaces. Like lacquered furniture and enameled metals.

It can be used daily on all washable surfaces in the house. In particular:
- IN THE KITCHEN: on worktops, ovens, stoves. Hoods, refrigerators, slicers, etc.
- IN THE BATHROOM: on sanitary ware and tiles.

Not recommended on glass and mirrors.