Royal Slim Artificial Christmas Tree in Pe

SKU: 10058966

The green Royal Slim model artificial fir is available in different sizes.


  • Branches in ON thermoplastic material, to recreate a realistic effect. *
  • Structure in dark green painted steel.
  • Supporting base in dark green painted steel.
  • Suitable for indoor environments.
  • Construction of the hinged branches *.
  • Slim model.

* Zipper construction: i branches are already attached to the supporting structure. It is therefore not necessary to insert the branches one by one into the trunk, because they automatically fall into a horizontal position when the tree is mounted.

* These artificial Christmas trees in ON (POLY ETHYLENE) have the appearance of a real fir tree. To obtain this result, the material is poured into a mold in order to obtain branches almost equal to the real fir tree.
The process of making artificial ON Christmas trees is complex, which is why these trees have a slightly higher cost.