Care of the green


Who said the neighbor's grass is always greener? The time has come to express all your creativity, your style and yours love for nature in your home, in your garden and in all green spaces in the open air. In our large dedicated department you will find a vast assortment of plant care material and gardening equipment of the best brands.

  • Quality soils (Compo, Vigorplant), mulches, barks, stones, gravels, stakes and supports for plants (metal stakes, impregnated wood, gratings), plastic borders for flower beds, mulching sheets to prevent the growth of weeds.
  • Pottery of all kinds (plastic pots, concrete pots, resin pots), also for decorative purposes, ideal to be placed at home, on the balcony or in the garden for a stylish addition to the home.
  • Wide selection of seeds : vegetable and flower bed seeds, seeds for all types of lawns (quality mixtures containing ryegrass, fescue and poa, guaranteed by our partners Bottos , Franchi Sementi And Blumen ), to get the best out of the earth.
  • Fertilizer materials : garden fertilizers, organic fertilizers to cultivate in full respect of nature, water-soluble fertilizers, liquid, granular, powder fertilizers, fertilizers for turf, with the best specialized brands ( Compo , One , Bayer ).
  • Everything for gardening and landscaping : garden equipment (spades, shovels, hoes, scarifiers, rakes), battery-powered garden tools (brush cutters, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, trimmers, with the excellence of the brand Stihl ), products for manual irrigation (watering cans) and automatic (sprinklers, drip irrigation tools and branded controllers Claber And Gardena ), garden clothing (gloves, shoes, slippers and rubber boots).
  • Healing for plants, flowers and turf : products for the care of ornamental plants (PFnPO) and for the care of garden plants (PFnPE) for non-professional use, biological curatives for plant diseases, dispensers (hand pumps, shoulder, battery pumps).
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