Vigorplant complete universal soil

SKU: 50008818

Complete professional soil is the spearhead of Vigorplant substrates for the home. R , in fact, embraces all the qualities of the substrates used by professionals, thanks to a skilful mixing of organic and mineral matrices of particular value. Each raw material has been chosen and dosed in the appropriate quantity to enhance its peculiarities.

Use: Ideal for all indoor and outdoor flowering and green plants.


  • 21% BALTIC Peat 0-10MM - This valuable component, among the best Baltic peat on the market, is capable of giving softness to the substrate, avoiding water stagnation and gradually regulating the supply of nutrients.
  • 37% IRISH Peat 0-20 MM - This is a particularly valuable ingredient, which guarantees oxygenation to the roots and avoids water stagnation, optimal for maintaining a stable substrate structure over time.
  • SLOW RELEASE FERTILIZER - The mineral fertilizer composed of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium gradually transfers its nutritional elements to the cultivated plants, following their growth and production.
  • 13% VOLCANIC PUMICE 3-8MM - Light and porous volcanic rock, dosed in the correct quantity to ensure excellent drainage of excess water or rainwater.
  • 29% SUPERFINE 0-3MM Peat - Vigorplant has appropriately selected this precious material as it is capable of making the soil more draining and softer, increasing water retention and adding organic substance at the same time.
  • pH (H 2 O) : 6.0 - 7.0