Mami Milano Molecola Anti-odor spray 250 ml White diamond

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Mami Milano Molecola Anti-odor spray 250 ml White diamond.
The spray MAMI Milan, thanks to its special MOLECULE, neutralizes bad odors from clothing, leaving a pleasant and delicate note of freshness that lasts over time.

Format: 250 ml

White diamond fragrance: The fragrance celebrates the intense and sophisticated olfactory nobility of White Flowers that flood and shape the sweet notes of Orange and Honey. The notes of Lily of the Valley and Elderflowers flow into a full-bodied and enveloping base where the accords of Tonka Bean and White Musk give the composition an intoxicating sensuality. Olfactory family: Floral - Aldehyde 

It is used directly on fabrics (even delicate ones such as silk and cashmere), it leaves no trace, does not stain and does not alter them.