Millefiori Milano - Fragrance refill for Moveo portable diffuser

SKU: 10070705

Reload Fragrance for Wireless Portable Fragrance Diffuser I'm moving from Millefiori Milan.
You can choose between the 6 dedicated Millefiori fragrances.
Accessory made of glass.
The I'm moving Wireless Speaker Charging, 
To be used directly on the diffuser without the need to add water

Average duration of perfume bottles: 30 days if used for an average of 4 hours per day, using the mode where the device puffs 1 second every 90 seconds.

Moved By Passion Reload
Rediscover passion and energy with this intense perfume of essential oil of
orange peel and ginger combined with sweet tonka and patchouli.
Top Notes: bergamot, orange, nutmeg
Heart Notes: ginger, lemongrass, lavender
Base Notes: tonka, patchouli

Stay Confident Reload
Regain confidence and optimism with Patchouli essential oil along with green notes, vetiver and saffron, let yourself be enveloped in a feeling of solidity and security.
Top Notes: violet leaves, green vetiver, grapefruit
Heart Notes: tonka, nutmeg, saffron
Base Notes: patchouli, vanilla, cedar wood

Moments of Inspiration Reload
A fragrance to improve concentration and draw inspiration. Fresh lemon essential oil
and bitter orange blend gracefully with the scent of lily of the valley and sweet peach.
Top Notes: lemon zest, petitgrain, bitter orange, grapefruit
Heart Notes: lily of the valley, peach, aldehyde
Base Notes: rosewood, vetiver, musk

Living Balance Reload
Surround yourself with peace and find your lost balance. Fresh essential oils, eucalyptus and soothing lavender are complemented by the scent of geranium and white tea to create
a harmonious atmosphere in your home.
Top Notes: eucalyptus, geranium, shiso, white tea
Heart Notes:  lavender, rose, violet
Base Notes: almost wood, patchouli

Let the Energy Flow Ricarica
Energizing and stimulating fragrance based on orange peel essential oil, whose pleasant aroma is completed by the aroma of basil, rosemary and musk.
Top Notes: orange, basil, lemon, lime, galbanum
Heart Notes: ylang ylang, rosemary, iris, jasmine
Base Notes: musk, orcanox, white amber

Joy Above All Ricarica
Fragrance that stimulates joy and serenity, cheerful scent of green mandarin, chamomile,
essential oil with delicious tones of papaya and rhubarb will brighten your home with optimism.
Top Notes: blood orange, grapefruit, black currant
Heart Notes: chamomile, papaya, green mandarin
Base Notes: sandalwood, rhubarb leaves, musk